From the Publisher

December 2016 Janet ArnwineWelcome!

We are proud to introduce Gainesville magazine to the residents of Hall County and neighboring communities. This is a free, online bi-monthly magazine that will reach an estimated 25,000 readers on average per issue.

Readers will find articles on the local area and a few specialty features on people, places and things we hope you will find enjoyable. Our writers will come from local experts and national professionals that have helpful advice and knowledge to share with our readers. Knowledge is powerful, but wasted if not shared with others!

Gainesville magazine is here to help you grow your business and support the community in a positive and uplifting way. To promote your companies and be an integral part of neighborhoods through connecting each other. You will see that our publication offers several ways for you to participate and grow your business at the same time. The most obvious ways are as an advertiser or a contributing writer. In fact, the most important role of Gainesville magazine is to provide an opportunity for local business owners, managers and community leaders to contribute their unique knowledge, talents and experiences to the Gainesville community.

Thanks for all the support to the local business community of Gainesville and greater Hall County. We have been overjoyed with the encouragement from the community to bring this magazine to the residents of Hall and neighboring counties.

We look forward to meeting you soon to discuss how Gainesville magazine can help build your business. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a personal consult on how we can help grow your business. We hope you like our first issue and tell your business network, friends and family about us. Gainesville magazine is finally home!

Live, work, shop, eat, play and pray locally!

Janet Arnwine