Local Business

What’s in a Name?

Country Boy Sports is an aptly named business for the owner who, in his heart, is a true country boy through and through, appreciating a good firearm.

Kerry Stephens along with his wife Shirley Stephens, have been the proud owner operators for over 21 years, first as a Satellite and Dish Network franchisee and now in its most recent migration to a guns, ammunition and accessories dealer. They even produce their own line called “C Boy Arms”!

Kerry has been around firearms since he was a teenager where he developed the respect for handling a weapon in the proper manner. He spent most of his career as a State Trooper and believes in upholding the America’s Second Amendment – “the right to keep and bear arms”. His belief that all law abiding citizens have the right to arm and protect themselves is mirrored across the northern part of Georgia. While there are many opinions on this issue knowing how to handle a weapon correctly is one thing we can all agree on.

Country Boy Sports offers a variety of new or used handguns, rifles, shotguns, tactical gear, holsters, ammunition, knives and additional accessories. Specializing in providing a “hard-to-find locator service” of weapons and gear that other dealers may not want to take the time to locate. The owner Kerry will even take in trades on gun sales and his used guns selection sell out very quickly. If you have a used gun he will consider purchasing for his used inventory.

There is a shared belief amongst the nation’s citizens that you should be able to protect yourselves and having the option to do so is what makes America a great county and a great place to live. Thinking in this general term it makes sense to learn how to handle and shoot a gun or rifle. To know how to clean and store that weapon is just as important. Every gun owner knows that responsible gun ownership is the way not only to protect yourself, but your family.

Kerry feels strongly that everyone has the right to own a gun and to know how to use it. FBI statistics on violent crime show that the numbers are way down. The gun industry believes that this is in direct correlation to the increase in the number of concealed carry permits and ammunition sales. Kerry went on to say, “If you take all the guns away from decent, law-abiding citizens, then the only people who are going to have guns are the criminals”.

(Information provided by: Kerry Stephens gathered from previous article written by Ricky Shaw.)


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